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Antique Silver Double Half Hunter Pocket Watch

dates back to Edwardian period, 

of European provenance

Despite its age, its in a great vintage condition & 

in excellent working order 


Designed as a double half hunter, 

the piece is centering a white porcelain dial, 

adorned with hand-painted Roman numerals


European made silver Case measures 35mm, 

Outside of the case is carrying a blue enamel surround, 

adorned with Arabic numerals 

(so the time can be viewed without having the open the lid, that protects the porcelain dial). 


The pocket watch is opening to reveal Swiss Manual Movement, 

signed & numbered 


Comes in a box, with winding key

accompanied by watch report 



Regaining their popularity in recent years, pocket watches are no longer used for just telling time, but becoming a very smart-looking accessory for all genders.

Antique Edwardian European Silver & Enamel Double Half Hunter 35mm Pocket Watch

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