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This Magnificent Piece of Jewelry is Retro,

dating back to year of 1963 

yet it's in remarkable condition


Created by Grosse Germany -

who was an exclusive manufacturer for Christian Dior - 

designed as an elegant Y-shaped necklace, 

this piece was typical for high class society of those days, 

but quite extraordinary today. 


Meticulously crafted in 14K Yellow Gold, 

featuring 4 strands of herringbone goldfish overlapping to 

centrally set Round South Sea Pearl of excellent luster & 

of impressive 10mm 


Secured by a solid box clasp, 

signed "Grosse Germany" 


Total length: 45cm 

Total item's weight: 42.5gr. 

The necklace comes in a box, 

accompanied by valuation certificate 


Since its foundation in 1907, 

Henkel & Grosse was creating jewelry for European & American markets


In 1955 Christian Dior granted Grosse the rights 

for the manufacturing its costume jewellery collection 


An elusive combination of luxury & sophistication, 

this piece will always get the attention & 

admiration that it deserves every time it's worn! 

Grossé Germany 14K Yellow Gold & 10mm South Sea Pearl Retro Necklace, c1963

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