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Dazzling & eye-catching, 
this pair of studs features Natural Earth-Mined diamonds
each securely 6-claw set, 
each accompanied by gemological certificates:
GIA & Auscert:
1) 1.02ct (known weight)
measuring 6.41 - 6.43 x 3.98mm 
magnificent Hearts and Arrows Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 
of F colour, SI clarity 
of Triple Excellent - cut, symmetry & polish - & sunlike brilliance 
laser inscribed with GIA report number 2186928327
2) 1.005ct (known weight)
measuring 6.36 - 6.41 x 3.97mm 
sparkling Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 
of H colour, VS2 clarity 
of Excellent Polish & Symmetry 
with Auscert report # 2023E90654
The pair is performed in 18K White Gold 
secures with solid butterflies 
Comes in a box, 
Further accompanied by valuation certificate (valued at $41,500)
Heart & Arrow diamonds derive its name from the high degree of facet precision, 
exhibiting sharp pattern of 8 arrows (in the face-up view) & 8 small hearts (from pavilion view).
That requires exceptional craftsmanship making hearts & arrow diamonds very special. 

Natural 1.01ct & 1.02ct Diamond Stud Earrings, GIA & Auscert, in 18K White Gold

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