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From the iconic Notes Collection, 
this elegant Tiffany & Co cuff bangle 
is bearing a repeating script:
"Tiffany & Co 727 Fifth Ave New York 10022" - 
the store's address since 1940's
Crafted in 925 sterling silver, 
this cuff bangle is 30mm wide, 
with circumference of approx.19 - 20cm & 
inner diameter of 58mm x 47mm, 
the back opening is 28mm wide 
Bangle is bearing a signature & 925 stamp on inside, 
accompanied by T&Co original pouch 
With its sleek silver colour and simple yet timeless design, 
this piece is instantly recognisable & 
great for both formal and casual occasions. 

Tiffany & Co 925 Sterling Silver 727 Fifth Ave New York 10022 Notes Cuff Bangle

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