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5 Essential Reasons to Acquire Tourmaline Jewellery This Month

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone, that ranges in colour from green, pink, purple, blue, earthy brown to rather unusual (and quite sought after) watermelon & rainbow.

Mainly found in Afghanistan, India & Sri Lanka, Africa, South America & in some parts of North America. Name "tourmaline" derives from Sinhalese "turmali", which translates "mixed". Indeed, this gem comes in more colour & mix of colours than any other stone.


Believed to attract prosperity & bring positive vibes into the life of its wearer, tourmaline jewelry is a fantastic choice for coloured-stones lovers.

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Let's discuss those 5 important reasons you should treat yourself to a tourmaline piece of jewellery this October:

  1. They are rare. Some colours are rarer than others. Indicolite (blue tourmaline) is a rarely seen gem & hence quite valuable, while paraiba tourmaline (with finest examples being neon blue) can be worth up to $50,000 per carat. Pink tourmaline is one the most desirable variety. Value depends on a number of factors, with vividness of colour & its saturation being one of them. Good quality stone of great colour can fetch $1,000 per carat & more.

  2. Value is on a rise. And it obviously depends on a gem's colour & its saturation, clarity, size & cut. Overall, gem's popularity is increasing, with more & more people opting for a non-traditional engagement ring. They can't be blamed: tourmaline is a durable (perfect for daily wear), affordable & unusual choice.

  3. You were born in October or you are a Libra. Yes, it's an October birthstone (along with an opal), hence we've got you covered if you still don't know what to get for your loved one's birthday this month. The idea of birthstones is ancient: each month was assigned to a certain gem, that believed to match particular energies.

  4. Tourmalines are believed to possess mental & emotional healing properties, as a source of positive energy that attracts financial stability. Furthermore, they are deemed to be a symbol honest communication & transparency, hence improved relationships within your family & circle of friends. Verdelites (green tourmalines), in particular, are ideal for those who suffer from fatigue & in need of increased energy levels. It's one of the most rejuvenating stones ever known.

  5. It's a protective stone. According to Feng Shui, tourmalines are believed to create a shield around its wearer that protects from negative energie & transform these into positive vibes.


One of the most distinctive features of natural tourmalines is the fact that they are not easily scratchable, they contain natural inclusions & natural gems change colour under artificial light.

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Pink tourmalines tend to exhibit a brownish undertone under electric light, which is an indication that the stone is natural.

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