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This pair of Australian Loose Solid Crystal Opals is from Lightning Ridge, Australia 


Weighting 0.80ct in total: 

1 x 7.8mm x 5.2mm (0.40ct approx)

1 x 7.2mm x 5.2mm (0.40ct approx)


Displaying truly unique spectrum of colours: 

grey toned body with striking flashes 

of yellow, orange, green, sky blue & violet 


The beauty of these spectacular opals is truly dazzling, 

particularly under different lightings: 

the gems display the most magnificent spectrum


The gems can be set in precious metals & turned into a piece of jewelry 

(pair of earrings for example) 

A Pair of Australian Loose Solid Opals of 0.80ct (0.40ct each). Lightning Ridge.

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