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The Napoleon Bonaparte 18K Gold, Enamel, Pearl Pocket Watch 
by Valère, Paris 
is an important, truly unique & simply extraordinary piece that dates back to 1810's. 

Being over 200 years, the timepiece is in remarkable condition & deserves a museum display. 

Made during the reign of Napoléon Bonaparte & showcasing an exceptional craftsmanship, 
it's unrivalled in value & cultural significance. 


Crafted with refined elegance, 
the CASE is fully performed in 18K yellow gold, 
measuring 53mm, 
featuring an artfully decorated in blue enamel pendant

CASEBACK is hand-painted in beige, blue, green, brown & pink champlevé enamel with exceptional attention to details, 
depicting Goddess Artemis - goddess of wild animals, the hunt & vegetation - with 2 hounds 
against Royal Blue sky background 
with tree, golden bow & arrow details 

within finely detailed foliate frame & natural pearl surround
Each pearl is natural, 
measuring 2.5 mm approx. 

White enamel DIAL is in beautiful condition, 
adorned with hand-painted Breguet style Arabic numerals 
& original Spade Hands, 
outer minute track with quarters (15, 30, 45, 60) markings
with winding aperture at 2 o'clock 
& signed Valère à Paris
with bezel decorated with Natural Pearls 

Total number of pearls: 100 
They are all natural, well-matched, displaying fine colour & excellent luster  

MOVEMENT is signed 
It features verge escapement - the earliest known type of mechanical escapement- 
& runs strong & accurate 

Comes in its original glass crystal display case, 
accompanied by valuation / watch report 


This turn of the 19th century pocket watch is a truly fascinating one-of-a-kind piece 

It's exceptionally rare, however pocket watch of similar style was sold in 2007 for over $46,000 (AUD):


Antique early 1800 18K Gold, Enamel, Pearl OpenFace Pocket Watch

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