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This Australian Loose Boulder Opal is of impressive 4.50ct (14mm x 12mm)

from Winton, Queensland

displaying the superb & truly unique spectrum of colours: 

from Indigo Blue to superb Emerald Green 

with striking flashes of red & orange 


The beauty of this spectacular opal is truly dazzling, 

particularly under different lightings: the gem displays the most magnificent spectrum


The gem can be set in precious metals & turned into a piece of jewelry (pendant for example) - 

please message us for details! 




Australian Boulder opal is the second most valuable type of opal. 

Mined from the large ironstone boulders under the ground, 

boulder opals are easily recognisable by the layer of solid brown ironstone on the back fo the stone. 

Australian Loose Boulder Opal of 4.50ct. Winton, QLD. 14mm x 12mm.

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