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Max Middleton (Australian, 1922 - 2013) 

Study of Hazel 
circa 2002 
Oil on Belgian Linen
Dimensions: 31cm x 46cm 
(12 x 18 inches)
Exhibited: Max Middleton 2003, Five Ways Galleries, 12-27 Oct 2003
Provenance: Five Ways Galleries, Melbourne 2003.
Private collection, Melbourne 
An Australian artist Max Middleton held 68 exhibitions over 66-year career (from 1946 to 2012)
With extraordinary ability to capture light on canvas, he's well known for his oil paintings of Australian landscape, still life, then nudes from approx. 1995.
Middleton's works were held in Brisbane State Gallery, Bendigo Art Gallery & Benalla Art Gallery, as well as privately. 

Max Middleton (1922 - 2013) "Study of Hazel" Oil on Linen Painting

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