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Featuring alternating Jadeite & Gold disks (8 in total), 

this antique bracelet is in beautiful condition, 

dating from circa 1906.


Crafted by renowned & prestigious Kwan Wo jewelers - 

leading Hong Kong jewelers during 1880 - 1920's 


Featuring 2 Jadeite disks of 20mm each

set within finely detailed rope border 

each centering a Chinese character 


& 2 polished gold disks - one plain, one with a lovely engraving 

4 textured gold disks,

artfully decorated with Chinese characters, standing out in relief 

that translate as health, prosperity, peace & longevity 


Total item's weight: 23gr. 


Crafted with refined elegance in 20K Yellow Gold throughout 

stamped & distinctly hallmarked KW


Unique details, skilled craftsmanship & eternally popular design are highlights of this piece 


Being in excellent condition,

it comes in a vintage box, 

accompanied by valuation certificate 


Superb Antique c1906 Jadeite & 20K Yellow Gold Bracelet by Kwan Wo. Hong Kong.

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